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  • If you can not adopt a retired racing Greyhound, but still want to help these wonderful dogs, please consider sending a tax deductible donation to Joey’s Greyhound Friends. Your donation, big or small, can make a huge difference! Joey’s Greyhound Friends is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization and 100% of all donations go directly to the care and upkeep of retired Greyhounds. Funds are needed to get them ready for adoption. Veterinary care is a big expense. Each Greyhound entering our program has their teeth cleaned, is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and checked for heartworm and other parasites. Please give the gift of life to a retired racing Greyhound by sending in your tax deductible donation! You may also make a donation through Paypal. See Paypal in our right column.
  • If you make a donation via checks or money orders, please make them payable to Joey’s Greyhound Friends and mail to the following address:

    Joey’s Greyhound Friends
    1757 Acreview Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45240
  • We are always looking for fundraising items for auctions and/or yard sales. If you have any household items that you would like to donate, please contact us.
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    Take out a pet insurance policy through Pets Best Insurance Company for your pet. When you take out a policy through Joey’s Greyhound Friends, you will receive 10% off. Not only will you have peace of mind for the animals you love, the Greyhounds will also benefit.

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  • Considering fostering a greyhound. Foster homes are always needed.
    They are the backbone of our group and are much appreciated!
  • Download and install the Joey's Greyhound Friends BenefitBar. Every time you use the benefit bar, you help a Greyhound in need.

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Thank you very much for your help and support!

Hallo My Angel arrived on our first Greyhound Freedom Flight along with her friends Carson and JC's Soft Melody on 9/7/08. A week after she arrived, and one day after the major Storm in Cincinnati, Angel broke her calcaneous bone. Unfortunately, most vet offices were without power on Monday. Dr. Couto, a true angel to greyhounds, told us to bring her to OSU. X-rays revealed that the current break was caused by a previous untreated fracture - probably during the racing career. She retired from racing in Florida at 3 and was used for breeding. Dr. Dyce repaired Angel's leg with a 10-inch plate. Angel is on the mend, but the surgery is costly.

Angel lives up to her name and has a beautiful personality. She is eager to please, loves everyone she meets, and has had a great attitude during her ordeal.

Update 9/22/08: Angel is bearing more weight on her right leg and is doing very well. The incision site looks very good. The surgeon is very pleased with her progress.

Update: 10/20/08: Angel is making excellent progress. She is being cared for by a 4th year vet student who has one other greyhound. She is getting along very well with the other greyhound and continues to live up to her name. Angel's caretaker fell in love with her and formally adopted by. A wonderful ending and a greyt beginning for this sweet girl!!!

The Angel Fund

Donations will be used for caring for seniors and others who need special care and that little something extra. A portion of the donations will also be used to help transport the greyhounds. Thank You for Your Support!

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We received a plea for help. We like to help these folks out. They do a super job and their obstacles are huge. Please visit this site and if possible: please help.